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AutoDrill drilling and tapping products have been at the forefront of automated production for many years. AutoDrill drills provide versatile and cost-effective, customized solutions for dedicated drilling and tapping stations that turn out more precision parts in less time.

Larger Automatic Drills

These automatic drills can tap as well as drill. The tap tooling automatically reverses for withdrawal on our standard and control feed tapper units. This system requires no mechanical parts other than the highly reliable and industrial rated self-reversing tapping head.

Our automatic drills are capable of drilling a variety of hole sizes. All AutoDrill autofeed drill units feature low air consumption requirements unless pneumatic motors are used. This makes them extremely environmentally friendly or “green” as they say.

These units can handle up to 5 HP and produce well over 1000 lbs. of thrust from most shop air systems.

The Series 2000 AutoDrill is an air controlled self-feed drill. It is the most versatile automatic drill machine in AutoDrill’s our up. The self contained hydraulic feed control (sometimes called Hydro Feed or Hydro-Brake) is useful when a clean hole breakthrough is desired. It also improves hole roundness in thin sections, control when drilling smaller hole sizes, managing the Horsepower requirement on larger hole processes or when two-speed operation is desired. We also offer SkipFeed and PeckFeed options for the 2000 series units.

You can click below for more information on the self feed AutoDrill 2000 series options.

Smaller Automatic Drills

The Series 1000 and 1100 automatic drill unit is a slim compact unit designed to cut operating costs while providing a wide range of capabilities. The small size of the AutoDrill automatic drill lets you adapt it readily to compact set-ups for close-center drilling. The drills are powered by either small electric (1 ph, 3 ph or DC) motors or air / pneumatic motors to increase the drills flexibility. There are no pulleys or gears to change and the unit is mounted much the same way a typical air cylinder is so it can be removed and remounted to the precise former location quickly and easily with the use of simple dowel pin locators. Although it is compact, the automatic drilling machine delivers maximum drilling capacity with 100 lbs thrust at 100 psi air pressure and a full 1-1/2″ inch stroke. These are the smallest production rated automatic drills on the market as far as we know.

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AutoDrill 2000 Series Units

The Model 2000 series AutoDrill drill unit is a self feeding drill which can be actuated or stroked with air or oil. It is capable of producing approximately 500 lbs. of thrust on standard medium-pressure shop air.

2000 Series with Multi-Drill

2000 Series with Multi-Drill

The unit is usually used for drilling, reaming, boring and light milling applications, but can also be used whenever simultaneous rotary and linear motions are required. It can be mounted in any position whether it is horizontal, vertical, etc. It is supplied with either highly reliable and industrial rated electric motors (115 / 120 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 430 / 440 / 480 / 575 / 600 volt, etc.) or industry standard and robust pneumatic or air motors. We offer motors as small as 1/3 HP and as large as 3 HP.

A simple pneumatic or hydraulic control system is required to achieve forward and reverse stroke control. This can be purchased separately from AutoDrill or we can provide a simple example drawing of a suggested control system should you wish to build it yourself. These controls are provided for interfacing with a human activated start button, two-hand anti-tie down starts, foot pedals, PLC controls, linear product position systems and material pushers such as the Hymark or Kentucky Gauge systems, etc.

AutoDrill Drilling Round Pipe

AutoDrill Drilling Round Pipe with Kentucky Gauge Set-Up

The stroke length of all Model 2000 AutoDrill drill units can be controlled by a manual stop adjustment which is fully adjustable from zero to the entire stroke range as ordered. (2″, 4″, 9″ or even custom stroke lengths). Depth control is achieved to within about .001 to .002 inch.

Spindle Projections; #33JT is the standard although we can offer many such as 5/8-16, 3/4-16 Thread, custom drive tangs, metric sizes and threads, etc.

Drilling Capabilities; Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastics, Ceramics, Granite, Titanium, etc.

AutoDrill Series 2100 Drill Units With Feed Control Cylinder – Includes Industry Standard Compact Sealed Oil Cylinder Feed Control

Drill Units With Feed Controls Provide Accurate Feed Rates For Precision Applications.

High degrees of feed rate accuracy are not always possible with pneumatic reciprocation alone. The compressibility of air allows for variations in feed rates with changes in internal friction, thrust load, and particularly when breaking through a hole.

Sealed and Self-Contained Oil Cylinder – Low Cost / Industry Standard
Simple Cylinder Plunger Depression to Actuate Feed Control
Drill Stroke Cycle: 2″, 4″, 9″ (fully adjustable) Plus Custom lengths
Rapid Advance to Workpiece Which Saves Cycle Time
Suitable for Applications Requiring Forward Feed Control
Right, Left or Top Mounted Feed Controls Available for Maximum Application Flexibility
Minimum Feed Rate 0.06 In./Min.
Pull-Style Feed Controls Available for Custom Applications and Multi-Drill Processes
Dual Direction Pull or Plunger Style Feed Control
Skip Feed for Rapid Traverse Through Component Interiors
Peck Feed for Deeper Hole Drilling and Special Applications

Multiple Feed Control Options

Multiple Feed Control Options

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Self Feed Drills and Tappers and Reamers and More

You will find AutoDrill Selffeeder units installed wherever increased rates of production is required.

Our offering of automatic units are a cost effective mean to automate drilling, tapping, reaming and simple milling operations. AutoDrill products are known world wide for their quality, durability, precision and power.

Each series of AutoDrill units are the most versatile and customizable in the market today. Our specialized and component-based design allows you to have exactly the right unit for your operation. It also means that in case of an accident, many of the components can be changed out very simply without disassembly of the drill or your fixture. Because of this, AutoDrill customers benefit from the high quality of the product line with less down-time and reduced operating costs.

The design of the AutoDrill production drills, tappers and multi-drill heads together with a good service of CAD drawings/models makes the design of the surrounding machine more convenient. We always offer PDF or CAD drawings with our quotations and solid models are often available during the actual design process.

AutoDrill’s concern for the worker and their environment is evident in all of our products. We strive to offer drilling machines that work with low noise levels and non-lubrication features which help eliminate oil mist in the air.

AutoDrill´s self-feeding units utilize a component based hydraulic feed control system. They combine precision with power and customization options such as fixed or adjustable skip feeds, stop feeds for dwell applications and even multiple feed rates during a single stroke at times.  This all helps to provide a high precision option in multi-spindle head applications.

AutoDrill’s standard and control feed tappers offer a wide range of options for cut tap, roll form tap, thread chasing and other thread-related projects. Whereas many lead screw tappers on the market require a complicated hardware adjustment to be made when switching from one tap size to another, AutoDrill’s simple feed adjustments allow you to tap one pitch now and another a few minutes later with only a few simple adjustments on the exterior of the unit.

AutoDrill’s Electro Pneumatic units are the most efficient and common. They allow us to provide a set-up for almost every need you may have whether it be a 1/12 HP DC motor driven unit or a large 5 HP self-feeder drill unit. We even offer custom direct drive motor options for our multiple spindle head line when a hydraulic or pneumatic slide option is necessary.

The AutoDrill product line also includes Non-feed Pneumatic Units which are perfect for a number of custom operations where a self-feeding unit isn’t needed.

Complementing the AutoDrill line of units, we also offer a wide range of options for those with special needs.

Turn key and custom machine fixture designs are available from one of our many machine builders world-wide.

With AutoDrill’s sturdy and compact design, wide range of rpm and thrust options, directed exhaust pneumatic units and an extremely wide range of tool holders, there isn’t much we can’t do.

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AutoDrill - Rotary Table Tapper

AutoDrill - Rotary Table Tapper