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Mechanitron is one of AutoDrill’s partners in business.  If you need custom ground lead screw threads or tapers, contact Mechanitron and tell them AutoDrill sent you. You won’t be sorry!

TELEPHONE: 1.908.620.1001



Mechanitron has been serving AutoDrill’s customers for many, many years. Their attention to detail and personal service will help you whether you need surgical taps and screws, lead screw and nut assemblies, OD grinding or other precision ground shafts and parts. (AutoDrill uses them mostly for O.D. grinding of some special parts and can’t be any happier with the quality and service!)

TELEPHONE: 1.908.620.1001

Direct Drive AutoDrill Selfeeder Style Unit

For many, many years, self feeding automatic drills have been sold by a number of companies around the world.

A few years ago, AutoDrill entered the arena and has taken off.

AutoDrill’s production drilling solutions solve the problem that most shops eventually have – efficiency!

Whether they are too busy to keep up or facing tough times, companies often need to become more efficient.  AutoDrills line of single spindle and multi-drill products do just that – they bring an efficient answer to an often complex pattern of problems.

Direct Drive AutoDrill V2

Direct Drive AutoDrill V2

Direct Drive AutoDrill

Direct Drive AutoDrill

The unit shown above is only one of many models sold by AutoDrill.  It is a direct drive model where the input:output ratio is 1:1 for the motor:drill set-up.  What does this mean?  Well, for most people, it simply means a slim, compact but powerful drill.  For others, it means that a VFD or inverter set-up can be used to infinitely adjust the RPM rate for the machine while it performs it’s process.

With reversing motors, rigid or radial/linear float tap processes can be performed.

This unit can be driven by single phase, three phase, special voltage/type motors, air or even hydraulic drive motors.

Whether you need to drill a single hole on many parts or drill many holes in a complex pattern, AutoDrill likely has a solution to help you. Above and beyond that, we specialize in providing world class support so that even if we can not directly help you, we likely know who can.
Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help. We look forward to serving you as best as we can.  Your success is our success!

A Different Type of Application

Some applications do not require a drill press or a Bridgeport type mill or even a CNC, etc.  They simply require spinning a multi-drill head with a motor.  At times, a direct coupling is not desired.  Here is an alternative:

Whether it is a single spindle self-feeding drill that you need or a creative multiple spindle gang drill solution, we can likely help you.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.