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Mini Hex Nuts for ER Style Heads

Recently, a customer needed a multiple spindle head for closely spaced holes. However, their shop really did not like using standard mini hex nuts (ER8m, ER11m, ER16m, ER20m, ER25m).

AutoDrill sought out a vendor who could make a hex style nut to go on the fine threads of an mini-nut style spindle.  Success!


Hex Style ER Mini-Nut

Hex Style ER Mini-Nut

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What in the world is an AO taper?

For those of you in the metalworking or even woodworking industries, there are common terms and items that are easily recognizable.  They might include:

  • Morse Taper
  • Jacobs Taper
  • R8 Taper
  • CATxx or ISOxx taper
  • etc.

Now… Without going to Google and cheating, do you know what an AO taper is – sometimes called an A-O taper?  Either did one of our engineers when he received a call in mid-2012 from a customer looking for a unique solution to their manufacturing situation. He hung up the phone, turned to the other engineers in the room and said, “What in the world is an AO taper?”  …It took us a few minutes to find some data on it but took a week or so to actually get accurate specifications on the taper for the project.  It seems everyone in the industry had hand-drawn specification drawings from the 1940’s and 1950’s only.

Here is what we eventually settled on – and what worked perfectly for the customer:

AO or A-O Optical Taper

AO or A-O Optical Taper

The customer creates optical lenses for various industries.  Well, part of their process is to work on the lenses in a way we can’t describe because it’s proprietary, but involves an AutoDrill product with an AO taper spindle.

The basic steps that take place in their facility include:

  • Drill out cores from raw material using a core drill that is 8″ long and 1″ in diameter
  • Slice the core into wafers so they can be processed as individual parts later
  • Generate or form the optical lenses from the wafers
  • Bevel the edges with a special beveling tool
AO Taper Equipped Head

AO Taper Equipped Head

This customer creates lenses out of sapphire, glass, plastic and quartz. The tooling they use is generally diamond impregnated and they even do some of the coating processes in house.

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You Don’t Need To Be Fortune 500 to Benefit From AutoDrills

You don’t need to be a huge company to benefit from AutoDrill’s equipment.  Everyone from home shop hobbyists looking to break out into a production run to massive international companies have found that our products help them to find success in their industries.

Here is a letter and sample photo from a customer with a small shop and an extremely unique set-up:


Dear Joe Jr. and Sr.,

Thank you for supplying a superior product in your 6 spindle drilling head to our company. Please look at the enclosed photos to see the unusual way in which we are using your drilling head. This particular way of using your drilling head has some distinct advantages to it.

Of course this set up is good for low-torque applications only. We are drilling 1/8″ thick Lexan (polycarbonate) for our product. Notice the 4 left-hand drill bits. Of course we make two parts in one drilling instead of three.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you.

– John A. (Oregon, USA)


Here is a photo of the set-up being finalized in their offices:

Unique Drill Set-Up

Unique Drill Set-Up


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