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Custom Four Spindle Drill Unit Head for Drill Press or Selffeeding Drill

This multi-drill spindle head was made for a customer who needed to make four holes in one shot. The goal was to be able to make a specific four hole pattern for their application reliably and repeatedly over a long period of time.

The volume of parts made was very high and the head was made to standards well above what was actually needed. This should result in a very long lifespan of the drillunit head.

Gang drill heads such as these have hardened helical gearing inside and generally require a light greasing from time to time via conveniently located grease fittings.

We can offer these devices with as few as 1 or 2 spindles or as many as 35+. We can mount them on Bridgeport machines, drill presses or column drills, mills, CNCs selfeeding drills, pneumatic drills, motors, etc. We delight in solving your application challenges.

Four Spindle Drill Head

Four Spindle Drill Head

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Our Pledge of Support to a Local Charity

AutoDrill has once again pledged to support an excellent local charity in 2013.

Adopt One Village exists to serve the people in the Abetifi-Kwahu region of Ghana, and specifically a small village in that region. However, the good they do is not just overseas but also right here in US soil.

AOV’s mission is to…  “…bring sustainability to this area, one village at a time. To do so, AOV has determined four areas of focus for themselves, their partners and their volunteers. They are Health, Education, Infrastructure and Quality of Life. AOV is currently working in the village of Yaw Tenkorang and hope to use our efforts there as a model to help other impoverished areas.”

In the last two years, Adopt One Village has expanded its aid to Abetifi-Kwahu dramatically. In this region, there are many small villages in need of aid as they lack electricity, running water and health facilities. Many suffer needlessly from curable diseases and infections simply because the water they walk to collect daily is polluted by animal feces or other contaminants. The children of these villages are educated in a deteriorating building with few teachers and often no supplies.

What they don’t mention on their site specifically is that they also give local youth and adults a chance to work on local teams, learn an amazing and unique life perspective, etc. It changes lives here in the USA as well as overseas. Being based out of Essex County, NJ, their efforts here in the states directly affect youth and adults in the Metro NYC area, and in the shadow of Newark, Paterson, the Oranges, etc.

AutoDrill has supported this charity’s efforts since 2010 by volunteering at local events. We have also sent two different owners to serve in Ghana, Africa on four occasions (one trip pending in just a few weeks as of this writing.)

If you would like to support this charity please check out their web site. We have agreed to support their Gala taking place on February 22 and would love it if you might consider doing the same… Will you join us at the event or through providing support?


Adopt One Village 2013 Gala

Adopt One Village 2013 Gala


A quick bit of information on the LIVE MUSIC for the February 22 Gala can be seen below. It’s going to be an amazing night!

Live Entertainment will be provided by:
Lynette Sheard on vocals
Boris De Vries on guitar
Gary Fredrickson on drums
Gerald Weir on vibes
Doug Andrews on Bass

(Lynette Sheard is a gifted versatile vocalist with a five octave range. She is an actor, producer and director. She is the unseated “West Orange Idol”. Her performances have been acknowledged in numerous publications including, NY Times, The Record and the Chronicle. The Star Ledger proclaims that “Her voice reaches deep into one’s soul and finds a soft spot” She performs Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Soul and Pop music throughout the tri-state area. Theater credits include principal roles in: Dream Girls, Smokey Joes Café, Ragtime, Swing, Aida, and an encore performance as Lena Younger Mama in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. She has received countless awards and recognition for her musical service work with children, the elderly and veterans. She is a founding member of the Guiding Stars. –A Medical Missions group of professional performers who volunteer to entertain veterans and children. Her performances have raised thousands for Hurricane Katrina Survivors, Haitian Relief efforts, The American Red Cross and numerous other local charities.)

Lynette Sheard

Lynette Sheard

AutoDrill Offers Clutch-Type or Standard Self Reversing Tapping Heads

We offer a wide range of components for many makes and models of drilling and tapping machines, multiple sizes of reversing clutch-type tapping heads, as well as rigid tapping options and even multiple spindle taping options are available from AutoDrill.

Four Spindle Self-Reversing Rigid Tapping Set-UpHigh HP Tapper - Suitable for Multiple HolesDual Horizontal Tapping

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