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Drill Units, Tap Units and Accessories for Diversified Applications

AutoDrill drill units, automated drilling assemblies and drilling systems have enjoyed widespread success in precision production drilling applications in metals, woods, plastics, and other materials.

Typical drilling applications can be found in virtually all manufactured products where holes are required, such as;

  • Drilling holes in all types of wood furniture and wood products
  • Drilling holes in all types of pseudo-wood furniture and products such as composite or semi-recycled content items.
  • Drilling plumbing parts
  • Drilling candle holes
  • Drilling aluminum windows and doors as well as window and door frames
  • Drilling small holes in all types of metal parts
  • Skateboard drilling patterns
  • Truck body and floor drilling process including ipe, standard hardwood, aluminum and even structural steel
  • Structural steel products such as i-beams, channel, square and round tube

…as well as packaging, clean-room pharmaceutical and medical applications and many other applications utilizing drilling units and automated drilling systems.

In addition, the versatility of AutoDrill drill units makes them an excellent choice for many applications other than drilling, such as bottle capping, robotics, winding, etc.

AutoDrill stocks all of the spare parts for its standard machines so that you never experience long delivery times for a standard part.

AutoDrill drill units offer a full range of strokes ranging from 1-1/2″ to 9″, hydro-check (or HydroSpeed feed control) equipment, spindle options including extended length with thru-holes, and many special modifications.Our largest automatic drilling machine can generate up to 1500 lbs. of thrust even when using a small hobby-sized compressor.

Our modular approach to customizing automated drilling systems for small-hole drilling applications allows the potential user the option of selecting only those components which are required for specialized drilling applications.Because components are easily accessible on the outside of the unit in most cases, a machine crash that damages a component does not necessarily mean long production line down times. Some items can be replaced in as few as 15 seconds but are built to robust standards necessary for 24/7 production and manufacturing needs.

We offer engineering support. Our emphasis is on top quality drilling products, extremely competitive prices, off-the-shelf delivery, and world class courteous service. We will work with you to satisfy your drilling requirements in every possible way, and we welcome special drilling applications. AutoDrill literature on all our drilling equipment is always available for download off our web site or by direct e-mail to you.

If you have a current drilling application, require technical support for building a drilling system, or have any questions regarding AutoDrill drill units and accessories, Please CONTACT US to discuss.

Which is More “Green”, Air or Electric Powered Drilling?


Recently, we had a discussion in the office about environmentally friendly procedures for our business.  One thing lead to another and we started comparing our drilling equipment to the competition’s as far as how environmentally responsible all of us in the industry were.

The discussion covered things like oil contamination in the shop and shop air, power requirements, and ultimately the amount of provisioning that the units required to actually run.  Let me explain…

Most of AutoDrill’s competitors who have been around a while use pneumatic (or air) motor drives on their self feeding drill units and lead screw tap units. Those who use electric are generally either smaller players in the game or new to the game and not quite up to speed when it comes to handling any sort of production job that requires reliable units and excellent support.

As a side note, there are times when a customer will loose more in one lost production day than they spend on AutoDrill equipment. Because of this, we are dedicated to keeping critical spare parts for our American made units in stock at all times. This ranges from small switches to critical gearing for multiple spindle drill heads.

Okay… Back to the air VS electric debate.

A typical air motor needs tens or hundreds of SCFM to run properly. The air has to be lightly lubricated and the exhaust is essentially contaminated and can be dangerous to those in the shop over long periods of time.

The general rule of thumb I read years ago was that you needed around a 1 HP electric motor to provide 4 SCFM for a production atmosphere drilling machine or tapper.  Let’s just presume for a moment that the machine is being powered by a 0.4 HP air motor.  This air motor (according to the chart I’m staring at) requires 25 SCFM.  This air motor would require a minimum of 6 or 7 HP at the compressor to reliably power it.

Using this ratio only, a 1.5 HP air motor might require as much as 95 SCFM. 95 SCFM would in turn require a *minimum* of a 25 HP air compressor.

Now… Let me appeal to your logical side for just a moment. Which do you think is more environmentally friendly:

Drill A Drill B
1.5 HP Air motor 1.5 HP Electric motor
25 HP compressor for air motor and stroke Low volume, small convenience compressor for stroke only

I’m willing to bet that you are sharp enough to catch on by now.

The low volume compressor is much more efficient electrically than the 25 HP unit. It throws out less oil into the atmosphere and is likely much more quiet. The initial cost of purchasing the units is lower and the long-term costs of providing electric power to the 25 HP compressor is much higher than that of the 1.5 HP drill.

In simple terms, the electric over air drill is many times more efficient and much more “green” or environmentally friendly than the air over air unit.

We predict that all of our competitors who are offering air over air units only will be out of the business within a few years.  We base this on a number of indicators…  I’ll share only one.

We sell competitor’s machines at times to meet specific needs for customers. If a customer already has a fixture set up for a competitor’s machine and needs a bunch of new AutoDrill units as well, we will gladly provide their unit plus ours. Today, we were retrofitting a customer’s existing air powered lead screw tapper with multiple spindle heads for multi-hole tapping. We needed one additional unit to complete their set-up and contacted our competitor.  Now keep in mind that today is August 2, 2012. The company quoted us a delivery date of January 14, 2013!  “Are you serious!?!”was the reply from my customer.

Turns out, the customer simply can’t wait until January to start setting up their production line.  They are currently deciding whether they want to go with the AutoDrill Control Feed Tapper option or…  Well…  Or else we are not sure what they will do.  they even talked about going to eBay to buy used units and praying that they are in good working condition and reliable.

…Did I mention that some customers loose more in a single day of downtime than they paid for their drills?

So now you know.  An electrically spun drill or tapper is many, many times more efficient and thus much more environmentally friendly.

Your employees’ lungs will thank you for the cleaner air…

Your checkbook will thank you for a lower electricity bill…

Your profits will be higher because electric motors are more reliable…

All of that having been said, AutoDrill also offers air motor drives for their units.


AutoDrill can provide single and multi-drill and multi-tap machines with either air or electric motors ranging from 1/12 HP to 20 HP.

AutoDrill can offer DC, 110V/120V/240V single phase, 208V/230V/460V/480V three phase, Canada 565V/600V motors, and even custom voltage motors if needed.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receive prompt product cost, literature and technical help.

  • Air Motor AutoDrills
  • Electric AutoDrill

Self Feed Drills and Tappers and Reamers and More

You will find AutoDrill Selffeeder units installed wherever increased rates of production is required.

Our offering of automatic units are a cost effective mean to automate drilling, tapping, reaming and simple milling operations. AutoDrill products are known world wide for their quality, durability, precision and power.

Each series of AutoDrill units are the most versatile and customizable in the market today. Our specialized and component-based design allows you to have exactly the right unit for your operation. It also means that in case of an accident, many of the components can be changed out very simply without disassembly of the drill or your fixture. Because of this, AutoDrill customers benefit from the high quality of the product line with less down-time and reduced operating costs.

The design of the AutoDrill production drills, tappers and multi-drill heads together with a good service of CAD drawings/models makes the design of the surrounding machine more convenient. We always offer PDF or CAD drawings with our quotations and solid models are often available during the actual design process.

AutoDrill’s concern for the worker and their environment is evident in all of our products. We strive to offer drilling machines that work with low noise levels and non-lubrication features which help eliminate oil mist in the air.

AutoDrill´s self-feeding units utilize a component based hydraulic feed control system. They combine precision with power and customization options such as fixed or adjustable skip feeds, stop feeds for dwell applications and even multiple feed rates during a single stroke at times.  This all helps to provide a high precision option in multi-spindle head applications.

AutoDrill’s standard and control feed tappers offer a wide range of options for cut tap, roll form tap, thread chasing and other thread-related projects. Whereas many lead screw tappers on the market require a complicated hardware adjustment to be made when switching from one tap size to another, AutoDrill’s simple feed adjustments allow you to tap one pitch now and another a few minutes later with only a few simple adjustments on the exterior of the unit.

AutoDrill’s Electro Pneumatic units are the most efficient and common. They allow us to provide a set-up for almost every need you may have whether it be a 1/12 HP DC motor driven unit or a large 5 HP self-feeder drill unit. We even offer custom direct drive motor options for our multiple spindle head line when a hydraulic or pneumatic slide option is necessary.

The AutoDrill product line also includes Non-feed Pneumatic Units which are perfect for a number of custom operations where a self-feeding unit isn’t needed.

Complementing the AutoDrill line of units, we also offer a wide range of options for those with special needs.

Turn key and custom machine fixture designs are available from one of our many machine builders world-wide.

With AutoDrill’s sturdy and compact design, wide range of rpm and thrust options, directed exhaust pneumatic units and an extremely wide range of tool holders, there isn’t much we can’t do.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your application and receiveprompt product cost, literature and technical help.


AutoDrill - Rotary Table Tapper

AutoDrill - Rotary Table Tapper